A crazy dream

L’Adresse Boutique Hotel was first dreamt by its owners, Romain and Clara, on an evening of 2011 in Paris : « What if we moved abroad and build a hotel ? ».


one-way trip to Buenos Aires later, here we were, fighting against the local administration to get all the authorizations and paperwork straighten out. Proud to have found a charming ruin, all cracked up and full of potential, right in the heart of the vibrant and historic district: San Telmo.
The old structure was waiting for 

our youthful and impatient energy to shiver again, after years of sleep. Built in 1889, the house was the home of a wealthy family that ran away, like many others, scared off by the yellow fever epidemic that hit the south of the city by 

the end of the 19th century. Its former owners gone up North, the house became a family hotel, or conventillo, during almost a century. Up to twenty families lived in it. The bathroom and the kitchen were shared; each room housed 

an entire family. The second floor was added in 1960 to welcome in more inhabitants. Towards the end of the 1980’s, the tenants took over the control of the house when the owner passed away and turned it into a squat. This delicate situation lasted about ten years and the old house was then stripped of its most noble assets: chimneys, French wooden floors, moldings, chandeliers, marble and other ornaments. Trenches were dug in the walls to rip off the copper pipes! After ten years of total abandonment, we fell in love, the house and us (Clara and I already were), in 2012. One year later, the administration finally gave us the green light and the construction works started on August 2013.


The challenge was tough: everything was to be renovated keeping the old house’s spirit and protecting everything that could be salvaged, especially the cement tiles, the wooden doors and windows, the marble stairs and some ironwork elements.


fter two and a half years of hard and dusty works, the vision we had the first time we saw the house finally took shape. A hotel that combines modern comfort with the charm of the old architecture, the traditional style of the Buenos Aires casas chorizos with our Parisian tastes, high end quality service with a worm welcome.
It is during the fall of 2016 of the Southern Hemisphere that L’Adresse Boutique Hotel opened its doors to welcome you at our place, at your place, in Buenos Aires. It took us five years to refine this hotel, hoping that it will take you only five minutes to love it.

Romain et Clara